Saturday, 6 September 2014

Borae local market 2014

The Borae Local Market has undergone some changes in the last year, what was a small market is now much larger one. The road alongside Klong MuDong has been lengthened.

The market is no longer a set of tables out up every afternoon but is now a number of constructed settings where each person is able to set up - and there is a roof.

Of course there are all the things that you want from a local market - and more.

It stays open quite late as well!

A football area has now been built at the end of the road.

A restaurant has also been made larger - we have been but as I write this I have forgotten it's name.

Don't forget to visit at sunset because you might see the sun setting over Big Buddha - there are a number of places which are good for this in Phuket - but there aren't any tourists here.

What excites me most is the talk of building a bridge across Klong MuDong so we would have direct access to a number of restaurants in the area across the river.

I have posted about the Borae area previously