Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Foot Massage

 I was waiting for the local bus and it was not there so I decided to wait in air conditioning whilst it turned up!

So there were coffee shops galore but i had had too much today and my feet ached after a walk up and down Rang Hill so a 'Foot Massage' it was.

N & Friend Massage! Wow - what a place to escape to!

The welcome was wonderful - the staff were full of smiles and I was certainly made to feel welcome. I sat at the front of the shop whilst she cleaned my feet. 

As I relaxed with my book I looked around and found a little sign for TripAdvisor and also a little sign for the Free Wi-Fi!

The feet were washed and then the cream began on my lower legs...

It was at this time that I realised that this i quite a good idea if you ache - I sat back to relax but I found my self wanting to do things - I checked in on foursquare and then relaxed to read a book.

The treatment was very nice and it was in a great location but if you really want to 'relax' then to sit in the Front Window and watch people walk in would not be for you.

For a simple foot massage whilst waiting for the local bus it was great.

Phone Number: 095 245 5162 or 087 509 6006
Approximate Price: $$$$$
Address: 159 Ranong Rd, Phuket Town


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