Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Wat Khao Rang

Wat Khao Rang is a Buddhist Temple on the side of Rang Hill and I first knew it as Wat Thepkajonkit. Recently we I visited it and they had built a short cut across the hill - I no longer had to walk up the hill and then down the other side (much as i did enjoy my walks it was quite a difference).

So this time I approached the Buddhist statue straight on - it does look quite remarkable through the trees.

This time that I walked up the stairs it was very quiet - I think that it had just been raining, not that I understand why that makes a difference. On walking up the stairs beneath the Golden Buddha (remembering to remove my shoes) I was taken with the gentle serene feeling I get when I walk into Buddhist temples.

On reaching the top of the stairs you are immediately drawn to the physical size of the Buddhist statue - fabulous. At this point I chose to walk around it and was surprised to see that beneath the Buddhist statue was a small door into something that was dark.

Being alone and quiet I entered inside and I was immediately struck with the simple nature of this 'room'. There was a small place where offerings were laid, a poster of His Royal Highness and recent flowers.

It was at this point that I drew closer - the ceiling was covered in paintings murals of Buddhist on clouds - beautiful...

On leaving the 'special room' I was then taken with the two statues either side. I have seen both of these statues elsewhere. There will be more posts here because there is simply so much here to see

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