Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Dried fish markets...

Sweet dried fish with sesame seeds 
Dries fish markets are certainly not something for everyone but they are very conveniently located outside, all together and are certainly different!

The market we visited here was actually off Phuket Island - we had visited the Sarasin Bridge, visited some local temples and then we had had lunch at the Thanoon Seafood Restaurant.

 Dried Hoi?

'Pla Ching Chang' - Dragon fish
Dried Squid pieces
Dried Sting Ray

The shops were of Chinese Origin - it is clear with the small shrines placed out the back!

Mackerel in vegetable Oil
Thai Pla - preserved fish stomach and innards 
Tai Plah is used to make the famous super spicy Southern Thai curry dish, Gaeng Tai PlahTai Plah is made up of the fermented belly and intestines of small ocean fishes (usually pla thoopla sai or pla hed khon). The innards are marinated with sea salt, bottled and then set out in the sun to ferment for two to three days.
information from www.templeofthai 

But this is the most odd - whatever it is - it is put into old whisky bottles...