Thursday, 8 October 2015

Learn how to thread the flowers

Why are there people selling threaded flowers at so many of the road intersections throughout Phuket?

Well they are there selling the flowers to ensure that the travellers inside the car will expect the protection of 'Mae Yanang - The Goddess of Journeys'.

You may be approached when you stop your car but I do not know how much you should pay?

These type of flower garlands are called 'Uba's'. But they can become very ornate - so much so that I know we have had to send to Bangkok for some for a wedding.

So have a wander around Phuket and I am sure that you will find flower sellers to watch thread their flower blossoms very carefully.The local markets all have these places - Rung Market (behind Robinson's) is where I like to watch them early in the morning.I was able to do this, maybe the hotel that you choose will give you a lesson

I have previously written about the symbols on the inside roof of many of the taxis that you get - if of course they are Buddhist. The same symbols -'Yants' can also be seen tattooed on the necks of people who want some protection. 

These flowers are also seen on the prow of many of the fishing vesels that you will see in the ports of Phuket.