Friday, 2 October 2015

Sam Se Je Hud Chinese Shrine (ศาลเจ้าซำเซ้ จู้ฮุด เขารัง)

I have visited Sam Se Je Hud Chinese Shrine a number of times but they have not all been written about - for example the golden turtles anywhere else before?

Wonderful golden lions at the front of the shrine.

There is a man made waterfall behind and to the right.

You can reach the first part of the shrine over a bridge (if the gate is open)

Here are the standard figurines in the first part of the Shrine.

Then there is a corridor behind it (to the right and left).

There is a second part of the shrine behind the first one. There is a second shrine in construction above and to the right. 

There is a third part of the shrine outside to the right! I personally love to visit here so there will be a post on this one shrine.

Enjoy the Shrine and remember to respect it
- take off your shoes and leave a donation.

Previous Visits
 1) March 2011  
 2) July 2013 
 3) Rang Hill visits (sometimes)


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