Wednesday, 25 November 2015

มูลนิธิกุศลธรรมภูเก็ต (Chinese Shrine and more)

มูลนิธิกุศลธรรมภูเก็ต is a Chinese shrine which I have visited previously and I thank you all for the help that I received from you all. When I visited the location on Foursquare it is actually referred to as a Spiritual Centre and Emergency Room.

This Chinese Temple, as indicated previously, may not be exactly a Chinese Shrine but on foursquare it is referred to as a Spiritual Centre and Emergency room - but it is a certainly very interesting Shrine to visit. It is physically next to a local hospital to which it is connected to - we visited here after a Phuket Vegetarian Festival - we 'sponsored' a coffin here on my birthday

มูลนิธิกุศลธรรมภูเก็ต is also near to the long which runs to Sapan Hin so this means that it is certainly an interesting place to visit.

There is a large ground floor to the shrine - which is all open which means that there is so much to see.

There are two steps up to the next floor - the left and and to the right. If you want to enter the Chinese shrine with respect you should always remove your shoes before you enter and then Wai the ground floor shrine. 

Then take the stairs on the right and then come down the stairs on the left.

Upstairs is another shrine similar to the one below and then opposite it there is a small concourse and a smaller shrine which is also used - it is a popular shrine to visit.

Then there is a traditional 'plinth' upstairs where they usually welcome the spirits during the Vegetarian Festival - but I have never seen it here.

Previous visits
 2) April 2014 


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