Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Sarasin Bridge Market (Nth Side)

Sarasin Bridge is at the very North of Phuket Island, very close to the Airport, Splash Jungle and Sirinart National Park which we have visited previously.

The market on the North Side is longer than I thought and there was very much of the same thing - dried fish.

I have no idea how to sort through the fish to decide which I would like to have but this is certainly a traditional dried fish market here.

There are the fruit which is in season, when we visited it was pineapples! Then we went for lunch at Thanon Seafood - you may want to visit Wat วัดท่าฉัตรไชย พระอุปคุต - we did.

My daughter loves to play with these plastic chickens.

But who buys these curtains made of shells?

But for travellers it is important to note that there are Public Lavatories for 5 Baht.