Friday, 5 February 2016

Rang Hill (at night)

I have visited Rang Hill a number of times during my time living here - there is a lot there than I first thought.

At night time we were able to watch the stars but I cannot remember what the App was that I was using here...

The lighting in the building adjacent to the viewpoint was lovely.

We were not the only couple taking photographs...

This was at night time and it was lovely - we walked along to the end of the Viewpoint.

Wat Khao Rang was lovely at night time but we were too late to get closer

Previous visits
 1) May 2015 - Wat Khao Rang
 2) July 2014
 3) October 2014 - Rang Hill viewpoint
 4) February 2013 - cemeteries 
 5) September 2013 - a statue
 6) November 2012 - Wat Khao Rang part 1
 7) November 2012 - Wat Khao Rang part 2