Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Shrine of the Serene (Sang Tham Shrine)

The Sang Tham Shrine is also know as the Shrine of the Serene and it was initially named as 'Sin Jia Geng' and was founded by the Hokkien Chinese descendants of the Tan Lian Je family in 2434 B.E. (A.D. 1891).

'The architectural designs applied to the shrine derived from the traditional Hokkien Chinese influence as evidenced in the terracotta-tiled roof on the single-storey construction with various aesthetic melded figures of the propitious symbols elegantly decorated with traditional tiles. In the hall, the access floor was raised and paved with terracotta tiles and on both interior walls and series of murals called 'Si Yin Gui' was exhibited. The significant renovation was conducted in 2542 B.E. (A.D. 1999).

One year later, in 2543 B.E (A.D.2000), it was an auspicious occasion in celebration of the 109th Anniversary of the shrine by the administrative committee of the shrine and is now widely open to the public"

At the front (on the right) isn enclosed temple piece of the original temple enclosed in glass.

The open is very small but look out for the two grey stone dragons surrounded by a steel fence. 

The walkway is quite thin and then it opens out into a much larger area - the remains of the initial shrine are enclosed in a glass display on the right.

At the back is a small shrine and on the side are smaller shrines - this has recently been decorated in the same style as Phuket Old Town.

Please remember to remove your shoes as you enter into the shrine. The shrine has a small incline so that people with difficulty walking are able to enter easily.

To each side (before you enter) are two paintings of the creatures protecting the shrine. 

The doors may be small but they are also decorated with the protectors of the Shrine. Wait as you enter - remembering not to step on the entrance to the shrine but over it.

Light a candle if you wish - leaving a tip in the box adjacent to the first shrine.

Then it is time to go behind - this is clothing that was used for the Phuket Vegetarian Festival.

Cai Shen - God of Wealth (I think)

These two are the same deity but in different places
There are the usual Chinese figurines set up (i am trying to name them all).

I have to say that I have never met the one with a frog head!

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