Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Wat Thepkasattri

Wat Thepkasattri is not a Wat which I have not visited often. In fact we were not aware that it was there and we drove past it - happy that there are more secrets of Phuket.

Whilst we were there it was clear that it was a Wat which was used by the local people and there were a number of monks on the premises.

There was a traditional bell tower.

The traditional Merit Pavilion.

There is a monument to the women who saved Phuket - the Heroines of Phuket.

Then the traditional protectors of a Buddhist Wat - Yuks.

Then I found these 'monsters' sitting around a temple - I have forgotten the name of them as I write this...

Then the traditional sacred stone balls of concrete surround the temple - I did think that they were buried around the Wat though?

The traditional police are there to protect them

and I was a little confused to what these were, but I have my ideas... Then when I had visited I was actually not surprised when there was almost nothing to be found on the Internet. So what did I find? That it is one of Phuket's oldest temples and a website of a photographer - Gerry Gantt.