Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Hock Hoe Lee (Phuket Town)

Hock Hoe Lee is an original Phuket Coffee Roaster in the heart of Phuket Old Town.

Found 1958 by Cheng Long, a chinese immigrant,
The store is located in Phuket Town next to fresh market.

HOCKHOELEE was firstly mainly sold coffee to tin mining workers.
Due to its exceptional taste & aroma, it too become popular amoung Phuketians.

In late 60s' it began producing Phuket tea by using Ceylon tea leaf.
HOCKHOELEE tea surprisingly became widely famous among Phuket islanders,
just like its fresh roasted coffee. 

50 years later, by the 3rd generation of the family,
it has started roasting premium coffee for espresso drinks.
'Beautiful coffee' is what people refer to.

To this date,
HOCKHOELEE continues to do its hard work as it always has been,
producing best coffee and tea possible.

(text is from their website)

But I took these photographs and then it was changed.

Good Luck with the makeover.

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