Friday, 25 March 2016

Thavorn Hotel / Museum

The Thavorn Hotel (updating with this link?) was one of the first hotels in Phuket Town (with the On On Hotel) - there were similarities but with the recent remodelling of the On On Hotel the Thavorn Hotel certainly feels older today.

There are a great many interesting things culturally in Phuket but I do like this one. The museum might not be open (or lights on) when you arrive. 

When you walk through into the front (the Reception Desk on the right) there is a door to the left which may or may not be open.

Which hotels use these still...

The cost was still 30 Baht to enter - there does not seem to be very much more  than the last time I visited but this time I did look a lot more closely and goodness me we are very lucky that this has been kept.

Keep looking when you come out - turn to the left to the 'Boardroom'.

There are interesting pictures on the wall - from the date of my birth!!

It is certainly something to visit the list of interesting things is quite endless -  if you are interested.  

The list is endless – worth a visit. 'Thavorn Hotel - a quirky museum' - please have a look.

Previous Visits
 1) March 2012