Monday, 7 March 2016

Telegraph Hill

Telegraph Hill is an interesting place to visit because there is so much there.

พ่อตาโต๊ะแซะ or Po Ta To Sae Shrine is a very small Chinese Shrine on the way to top of Telegraph Hill - it is a different Chinese Shrine because it is also has images from the Muslim religion. 

Along the way to the top there are wild monkeys (so it is also referred to as 'Monkey Hill') but also has wild pigs and dogs on it - so be careful.

On the top is a radio broadcasting station and at the bottom is a Wat Charoen Samanakit.

But this particular post is slightly different because there was a recent addition - on the hill there also seems to be a site where temples or shrines are 'retired'.

It is recognised that that it would be bad luck if the old shrine was simply 'discarded' - so this means that there are sites scattered throughout Phuket which are these 'sites'.

This sign makes it clear that this area is reserved for this activity.

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