Friday, 9 September 2016

Wat Puttamongkon (Wat Mongkol Nimit)

Wat Puttamongkon or Wat Mongkol Nimit - I am still not sure which is strictly correct. The last time I was here was for the ordination of a young monk and I still can't find the images of this. (When I do I will link it here)

The choice that I have now made is Wat Puttamongkon.

It is a very good example of a temple but I choose here to talk about the trees which are on the side of the largest temple adjacent to the main road - on all the trees.

I do worry that they are not going to be here because they are renovating the area.

Don't forget to go to the collection of Chedi's at the back.

If they are no longer there you will have to rely on this App which gives you a Buddhist Daily Quote everyday message everyday a great App (my review)

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