Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Klong Mudong and it's fishing boats

Klong Mudong is a place which I have visited a plethora of times  - because it is so close to my home. 

The area is certainly worth visiting and there are restaurants and cafes opening and closing all the time. An interesting thing to watch are the local fishermen in the early evening as they unload their catch.

Catching the light is a touch more difficult.

First thing in the morning when they prepare their nets for the day out on the seas. Big Buddha is in the distance from here - you can see it on clear days.

But the boats really are quite lovely as they are resting on the water.

BUT then there are the wild monkeys who benefit from the locals throwing way a lot of for which has reached it's selling date from the local market.

It is a focus for the local people and that is really half the pleasure - it is NOT a tourist attraction but a place which is definitely worth visiting.

I was in the area for a number of reasons 
 1) Canoe Race - June 2015
 2) Borae Market - September 2014
 3) Pizza Nuch - now closed
 4) Borae Marshes - July 2013
 5) Canoe Race - July 2011
 6) Bicycle Ride - December 2015
 7) Borae Market - September 2016
 8) Drone attempt - March 2015
 9) Borae Market - Giant sea snails - June 2010