Sunday, 9 October 2016

Kata Beach

Kata Beach is actually a very long beach with a number of with a number of hotels - we spent our Honeymoon at Mom Tri Royale, a lovely place. 

There did not seem to be many people when we visited (well the North End) - there was a lot of action there whilst we visited. As you can see we were quite close to the edge of the road.

But we spent most of our time running back and forth to the water.

Then coming back for a snack. We were offered food by sales persons walking past and we usually had the ice creams - the fried rice was no longer cooked on the beach but cooked on the other side of the food and they had a 'runner' for them. We lay there in the shade  or played in the ocean - but it is worth it.

BUT the South End seemed to be more occupied towards renting out the paragliding.

Always worth a go once and understand there are jet-ski but I am not so sure about that!

The whole of the east side of the island does have red flags during the year (between April and October usually) and I would suggest not swimming but thank you to the Lifeguards who have been there this year (2016).

We stayed close to the edge for the shade

whilst there were seats and umbrellas to rent. There is a Live Web Cam above the Foto Hotel (far above it) and there are also a number of hotels - thanks Jamie

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