Sunday, 30 October 2016

Rawai Beach and Seafood Market

Rawai beach was somewhere we visited because it usually on our way to somewhere else but very rarely do we stop for the beach - more for the restaurants along the beach - see my restaurant blog for this - Nikita's is our most popular stop here (for Thai or pizza).

This time we were to look at going onto the beach and we realised that there was a different type or restaurant there - a Bring Your Own. 

On the right there are a plethora of people selling fresh fish and then you take the fish to the restaurant on the left and then they cook it for you and I did not know how it worked (do you?) so we chose somewhere else.

Then there are a number of street shops selling the hanging shells...

Then the pearls...

Then I saw an elephant tusk - certainly not usual.

After this it meant a walk on the beach.

The sunset began to come down and we went to dinner at Baan Had Rawai.
The pier was beautiful as the sun began to come down...

Then the other side was beautiful - certainly a place to visit...

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