Friday, 21 October 2016

Chinese Temple Shopping

Never seen this guy with a book!
There are a number of Chinese Shrines in Phuket and I hope to visit them all. What is in the shrines though are all the figurines that are stacked inside.

I have tried to name them all here on this post but am still finding more icons.

In fact this is a brand new one which I do not think I have ever seen in a Chinese Shrine at all - have you?

The icons of the feminine are not very different at all 
- not sure what this tells me but is this Kuan Yin?

I have found that there are three Chinese figurines most commonly bought for the home are Fuk (meaning Harmony) Luk (meaning Power) and Sau (meaning Longevity) - recognised by carrying a peach and a walking stick BUT I did not find a set here...

I did find Lee Loh Chia though - recognised with the spear and the Gold Hoop.

Not sure who these are however.

Then I was more surprised to see the pieces which are used for the Phuket Vegetarian Festival - wow...

Then there were the spears and an axe...

Then the spiked balls and looking carefully the whips on the shelf on the left.

If you want the whole outfit then this is also here.

I even found a radio with the music they play on the morning of the Festival!