Saturday, 5 November 2016

Nguan Choon Tong drugstore

Nguan Choon Tong drugstore has an element of real beauty because it is still real. I do feel unconfident entering in here simply to take a photograph - maybe you will feel a little different?

I entered and I was taken with the all enveloping aroma when I entered and it is very similar to when I enter into a Chinese Temple. As Jamie indicated on his blog

"Wait outside and inhale deeply"

In fact Jamie's post on Nguan Choon Tong has some beautiful photographs on it - so I have posted his here - because they are so good and I have done with his permission.

"Nguan Choon Tong drugstore is the oldest herbal medicine seller in Phuket Province that is famous and well known to Phuket people. This drugstore has been open for almost 100 years since the time that the medical profession was underdeveloped.

Nguan Choon Tong sells both Chinese folk medicine and Thai herbal medicine - including Chinese herbal ingredients for cooking"

So that's why it smells so good...

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