Wednesday, 23 November 2016

พอตาโตะแซะ - Chinese Shrine Monkey Hill

พอตาโตะแซะ - is a Chinese Temple that we visited a number of times to feed the wild monkeys - we no longer do this however because the wild monkeys tend to be a little wild now however... so I would advise you to stay in your car now.

The shrine is halfway up the hill near a local restaurant. Here you can have lunch at Green Forest Restaurant - a little out of the way but worth it for the view. In fact if you were there on a good day you are able to see Wat Koh Sirey in the distance on top of the hill.

It is a particularly interesting shrine because when you look more carefully it represents more than one religion. What a wonderful example for me to share  - well I think.

So here's a closer look...

Ganeesha is here again
In fact I think that it is one of the most interesting Chinese Shrines in Phuket but only little is written about it - in fact I first recognised this shrine as Po Ta To Sa Shrine and I have no idea where I got that name from...

But it would be difficult for some people to visit and walk up as it does seem to be built on the side of the hill.

Don't forget to visit  Wat Chaoroen Samankit carefully tucked away on the left hand side at the bottom of the hill though. 

I wonder why the chills seemed big today?

The decorations were different throughout the whole shrine and I seem to recognise this  statue in the middle but I cant place it as I write this.

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