Sunday, 11 December 2016

Ong Sim Phye House

Ong Sim Phye House (The Beauty of Tiam Chu) is a very special house (there are a number of them in Phuket Old Town) which is the home of a family.

"This house was bought buy Mr. Simphye Sair-ong, a Chinese house owner from Hok Kian for 4,000 Baht in 1941. The dominant feature of this house is 'it's materials that are the large beautiful bricks made of clay and red soil'. This house is not normally built with the foundation pile , but it is made of stones overlapping each other to wonderfully maintain the balance of the pillars"

I understand that the Ong Sim Phye House is the home of a family and these photographs were taken through the door railings - I understand that sometimes they are at home - now that would be fascinating, I have also been told that the Phuket Heritage Trail has more information about this home.

Other homes that I am aware of are - i46 and China Inn and I imagine that there are a great many but these are the ones which I have visited.