Thursday, 8 December 2016

Rung market

Rung Market is behind Robinson's - a Thai Department store in Phuket Town. Behind Robinson's is where there is a local market.

This is a wonderful place to visit in the early morning, approximately 6am. The market sells all the traditional things for a Thai market. It is carefully divided into parts;


and more meat


foods to consume

and foods to cook with. 

Then there are the traditional foods drying. Flowers to buy and around the outside are clothes to buy and more food to buy for breakfast - it is always popular.

Then there are the traditional street sellers who seem to simple wait.

Then there are the small places where you are able to purchase animals to release somewhere - Feng Shang.

Then there are the traditional singing birds for sale.

After the market finishes about 10 am the inside market is cleared and food stalls are then put up to surround the market.