Saturday, 10 December 2016

Yellow Buddhist Statue and cave - Koh Si Chang

 Whilst on a visit to Koh Si Chang I took a ride with a local person - he took me everywhere. Up a long steep hill I was taken and then told to walk to the top and the driver would meet me at the bottom.

The first stop was the magnificent Hello Buddha Statue and cave - I think it is called หลวงพ่อเหลือง ถ้ำจักรพงษ์  - but I may not be correct. This was a beautiful place to visit and so peaceful...

Then the couple in the picture above were taken aside and blessed by a monk - again so peaceful...

So I watched and noticed that there was another place for worship to visit after the first one

but this was underneath where the monk had been sitting . I carefully took this staircase and then found 

this small Golden Reclining Buddha at the bottom. What a magical place to visit.

Thank you to Somewhere Hotel for the accommodation.