Thursday, 31 December 2015

Tesco Lotus

Tesco is somewhere which I remember being a supermarket when I lived in the UK but this is actually called Tesco Lotus.

It was not what I thought that I would be visiting whilst I was in Phuket.

Before you ask - NO I do not believe that you are able to use your Club Card but by all means keep your receipt and try to see if you are able to claim any points when you return home. Please contact me if this works (

There is a fabulous selection of bits an pieces at an incredibly good price, then it is 
air-conditioned as well.

I am sure that you will find something for somebody and they really are at a good price - although it does miss out on the fun on bartering for the best price...

But pop in here if you need to know an approximate price...

Buy a rice cooker here - they are cheap!

There are some clothes shops, a bank, a donut shop, some restaurants, a food mall on the top floor, Pink Pvssy and of course a Starbucks...