Monday, 7 December 2015

Rung Market (behind Robinson's)

Rung Market is a local market which must be visited in the morning - 6am to 9pm - because it is simply not there after that!

It is not a market for everybody but there is everything. The street at the back and the sides are packed.

On the North side (between the Multiplex cinema) there are a lot of clothes shops and street market foods - specifically breakfast.

Then there are a places on the road where you can park your motorbike - the road is still there but it is very difficult to drive along there and I would avoid it if possible. Here is where you can buy animals to release somewhere else.

Then you have the great many places where they can see you fresh flowers and flowers to take to the temple of hang in your car. I took so many photographs of the ladies that are doing that I will have a singular post later...

Then there are the fresh foods. 

Some of it is the simple raw meats - sometimes a little distracting.

You can find some fresh fish at very competitive prices - but don't expect the fish to have prices - the shrimps do however.

Then the market is closed before midday and the streets are empty. Then the small noodle shops set up around where the market was!

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