Sunday, 13 December 2015

วัดช่องลม (Wat Chong Lom)

วัดช่องลม (Wat Chong Lom) is a place we visited whilst we were in Bangkok for the weekend and I am surprised that I can find so little about it. Do you know why the Buddhist statue is the colour that it is?

I was under the impression that the name above (วัดช่องลม - Wat Chong Lom) was correct but after looking at the search engines I am not so sure... 

Wikipedia had the right location (South of Bangkok in Samut Sakhon Province). Foursquare also matched this. But in terms of any real description I could not find any. TripAdvisor had one photograph but the correct map location.

There were the traditional statues outside - linked with the string which usually means that there has been a recent ceremony.

On entering into the main Temple (adjacent to the statue) I was taken with how life-like this statue was!

This was where the blessings were made.

this was the ceiling!

The walls were very intricate - wonderful...


This is not my video - from YouTube