Saturday, 30 April 2016


Limelight is an Urban Shopping Mall that was opened in 2104. It took over the area which was where a very popular restaurant - Lemongrass. This is now a smaller restaurant in the shopping complex Limelight.

There are a plethora of different things to do here and the image above is just an outline.
Food and Beverage, Fashion Avenue, Edutainment, Mini Supermarket, Health & Beauty, Cafe Bakery & Ice Cream and Food Capital.

We have been to Kasa Japanese Restaurant, Food Capital, Pancake Corner, Tops Daily and Mochi Ice Cream - restaurant reviews coming soon...

If air-conditioning and shopping are what you are looking for it then this is certainly the place to go.

AND of course it is next to the Phuket Indy Market - currently on a Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from approximately 5pm - a place to visit.