Thursday, 21 April 2016

Rang Hill Viewpoint, moths and roti

We visited here again because we had visited a restaurant in Phuket Town but as I write this I have forgotten the name of it - but there was not much to say about it because we had desert up here!

After the steep climb and missing the turn off (the road is not the best well lit road) we found a parking space and went to the end of the viewpoint. It was beautiful and I have to admit to being completely unprepared to take photographs in the dark - so we I didn't.

There is a lot to Rang Hill as can be indicate by the times that I have been lucky enough to visit. The difference today though was that there were a plethora of moths about and lots of different colours (so much for my Biology teaching).

So we set about trying to take a photograph with the telephone... which was entertaining.

So much so that we had to have a roti from a small shop there.

Not sure that I would be able to cycle up that hill though...

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