Monday, 18 April 2016

Amulet Alley

Amulet Alley is a place in Phuket Old Town which can easily be missed - it is simply avery small (read easy to miss) alley in Phuket Town.

It is an alley which is approximately 150 metres long and it is a long row of stands and behind each trestle table is a smiling amulet seller - in fact at one end there is a gut cutting keys. This opposite to the terrible Chinese restaurant that still sells Shark Fins and then the other end is the Shrine of the Serene Light.

Behind the stands there are also small shops selling the same things. These displays attract a number of people - predominantly Thai or Buddhist and they are all there for their personal reasons. In fact I have even seen a monk there one day but I really should manage my photographs better...

A question which I continually get is how much people should pay for them - the amulets are NOT priced. You pay for them what you thing that they are worth! With knowing this the amulet can be made of gypsum, clay, silver or gold so there is further points towards cost...

What makes the Amulet more valuable on the open market is the place that it was made and then who it represents - but how are you supposed to work all of this out?

Amulets are very popular through Thailand and here it is quite a relief that I have never been harassed by any of the people selling them - in fact they welcome me back...

Amulet Alley is a place that must be visited in Phuket Town - it is of interest but amulets are not always the sacred ornamentation that you will find here either. 

Whatever you come down here for please be respectful to the traders and their goods - I was given an Amulet recently...

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