Monday, 30 May 2016

Phuket Old Town - a quick tour

Phuket Thai Hua Museum
My friend had one day left and they had a lot to do - they wanted to see everything  I had written for the App - City Maps and Walks  I wrote a Secrets to Phuket Old Town.

Blue Elephant
So what did they see?

Chinpracha House
This is certainly interesting to visit.

Soi Romanee
This is worth wandering down - places are being painted.

Jui Tui Chinese Shrine
Then there are the Chinese Shrines to visit.

Shrine of the Serene
Some are busier than others.

Samjoa Chinese Shrine
Some are not always the most noticeable...

The China Inn  
Some are a wonderful place for Lunch - the China Inn.

Eleven Two and Co
Time for a coffee at Eleven Two + Co. - so much more to see but they had to return home.