Sunday, 7 October 2012

Blue Elephant

The Blue Elephant Restaurant is quite obviously a restaurant BUT did you know that there was also the opportunity to have cooking lessons?

We were there because we were visiting Chinapracha House - the house made famous by Oliver Stone when he filme 'Heaven and Earth'. There is a lot more to this special house but that is a longer story for another post.

We actually entered here through the gates above and I am sure that this was not the way thorough. The building was renovated in the last ten years and the owner is the same one as the Chinapracha House.

The Blue Elephant is actually an International Company who is at the moment renting the building from this owner. The price of the food is quite expensive and it was the afternoon so we could not have a snack either.

I have read reviews of Blue Elephant on Tripadvisor - if you are thinking of making a visit -  I am not thinking of visiting but please visit Chinapracha House and have a drink at Blue Elephant?