Monday, 22 October 2012

Wat Charoen Samankit

Peace and Tranquility
This was not something that I expected to find in Phuket Town.

We were going to say hello to the monkeys on the hill and visit Green Forest Restaurant with Jemma after school. As we began to drive up Telegraph Hill I spotted a large entrance way adjacent to the bottom of the steep hill.

We drove in and found ourselves in a large parking area and a small temple - being a little adventurous we went for a wander - and goodness me the secrets the Phuket holds! We came upon the steps which you can see in the picture below!

Jemma took it all in her stride and began to walk up the steps - even Jemma did not realise how long it would take!  

We walked through past the monk's living quarters (sanghawat เขตสังฆาวาส we were surprised at how much space there was at the very top - there was a Wat, a Sala and a Ho Rakang - หอระฆัง ).

Jemma rang the bell to bring everyone to prayer - went into the sala to pray. 
After this we went to feed the monkeys on the hill.

Be careful they are wild!

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