Sunday, 28 October 2012

Monkey Hill - Phuket Town

We have visited here previously but Jemma enjoys feeding the monkeys so we chose to visit Telegraph Hill again - there are other places in Phuket to feed wild monkeys.

At the very bottom of the hill there were a couple of shops selling bananas and other fruit and we chose to purchase them before we went up - a good idea because there is no where on the hill to purchase things like this.

As we drove up we first visited the Buddhist Temple Wat Charoen Samanakit (link to be added) on the left hand side of the hill before we continued to slowly drive up to the top. We continued to a  position where there was some exercise equipment. When we opened the doors we were were inundated with monkeys!!

I have to say we were a little worried (they are wild monkeys) but they kept their distance and we tossed their food. Tourists joined us so there was now a choice and I think that the tourists had better food, so we continued up the hill.

Here was a beautiful view and the monkeys were a great deal calmer - we had a wonderful afternoon.

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