Saturday, 11 March 2017

Food markets are everywhere

We read so much about Street Food sometimes there are markets which are devoted just to the food.

They may be interesting for the visitor but they are not something which we are encouraged to visit! One of the most interesting things is that the food is very rarely priced! However if you do make an effort to go in you will almost certainly be rewarded by the price that is offered to other local Thai people - wonderful if you are on a budget...

This particular spot is next to the junction of two roads - Takuapa road and Soi Talingchan.

What do they have here? Wow they have so much I would not know where to start.

The crispy chicken and sticky rice is always a popular for my family and

then the eggs.

Please tell me how I am supposed to eat this piece of animal...

Then I guess I know what this piece is... and there is a lot more...

To find this particular market use the map below - 'Roadside food market'