Thursday, 2 March 2017

Hok Ngoun Kung Chinese Shrine

Hok Ngoun Kung Chinese Shrine is a shrine which I have visited a number of times and it is in the middle of Phuket Town - Clocktower Circle, Coffee Circle and Mee Ton Poe are all within 100 metres of here.

It is also the place that I have been many a time during the Phuket Vegetarian Festival and certainly a place to start from on the last night. Here are the shrine carrying equipment ready and prepared.

Another time I visited the front of the Shrine had table of the red turtle cakes ready for the Poe Tor Festival.

It is not always a busy Chinese Shrine but normally it is quite sedate

and people are finding out their fortunes.

On the last visit I was reminded of the link between the Swastika and Asia - quite extraordinary but I am never quite sure.

Previous Visits
 2) October 2012
 3) April 2014