Wednesday, 22 March 2017


Super cheap is certainly a different shopping experience!

It sells things for the homeowners in Phuket and it is not a place for the tourist to go to buy the copied items and the DVDs.The building seems to be an enormous warehouse which seems to sell almost everything - now that I write this it doesn't but it only seems that it does.

Image from Asia Web Direct
I did find a map which they tell me is on the wall... Super cheap did totally burn down October the 16th 2013 and it has since been rebuilt.

So where do I start?

Do you need a rice cooker to take home?

A different way of taking your food out?

Then there is the glorious amount of fruit that they have there.

In the front of the building there is even more food for you to eat!

Did you know that there was that many brushes?

Found out where the motorbike baby chairs...

Then there are the ever popular Eskys...

Do you need a pestle and mortar?

There is a pharmacy there as well. But I cannot last long because it does have any air-conditioning. It is open from about 8am and closes about 10pm.