Sunday, 5 March 2017

Chillva Market

Chillva Market is gaining in popularity and rightly so - it is a ever changing collection of things for you to buy. From the posters I see that it does have a timetable of what why will be selling.

Monday - Second Hand Market
Tuesday - Second Hand Market

Wednesday - Day Off - but it may longer be - Chillva Flea Market
Thursday - Chillva Chic Market
Friday - Chillva Chic Market
Saturday - Chillva Chic Market
Sunday - Container Market

I understand that the market opens from approximately 4:30pm but I am never quite sure,  I would imagine that this is not always exact but it is a good time to start because it is still light.

So the guide above is a good start - not sure how different each day is though, I would have to go every day. From the days that I have been to the market I do not recall there being much difference all.

But the entertaining selection of things is wonderful.

I always manage to find something for somebody - I think I was still working in a record shop when this came out OR do all their T.Shirts look the same?

Then there a number of places to buy some lovely bits and pieces. 

But if you wanted a quick trendy body paint?

As with many of the markets throughout Phuket I would imagine that 50% of it is food - but the biggest difference here is that there is a selection...

The hardest thing is finding somewhere to park.

Then in the early evening there would be some live music.

Previous Visits
 1) June 2016 


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