Saturday, 13 October 2012

Hok Ngoun Kung Shrine

This shrine is a popular one to visit because it is near to the Surin Clock Tower Circle in Phuket Town so it is easy to find.

Hok Ngoun Kung Chinese shrine is set back from Surin Circle.  The shrine was built in 1926 and actually replaced a shrine that suffered a fire and was destroyed – where this original shrine was placed I am unable to confirm.

What is special here is a crafted image of Ju Su Kong – which is why many of the locals refer to this shrine as Ju Su Kong Shrine. The image is all that was recovered after the fire in the original temple. Ju Su Kong is a diety but was a sheep farmer who chose to become a monk at a young age. He was very aware of the local needs an became involved in a number of public projects so was given a new title ‘Supreme Patriach’.

Out of respect to the religion please remember to remove your
 shoes if you enter into the shrine.

At the circle is also the best Hokkien Noodle Shop in Phuket Town - wonderful and full of flavour BUT go early because it will be full of all local workers - Mee Ton Poe.

Then there is the best coffee shop in Phuket Town for a Cappuccino across the road from it - Circle Coffee Boutique.

Then there is a CD and DVD shop on the circle - all very convenient.

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