Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Sapan Hin - Naval Museum

I have posted here previously about the multitude of things to do - in fact only last week there was the Por Tor Ceremonial walk into Phuket Town.

In the middle of this large expanse there is a rather rundown building. It is rundown to the degree that I am not sure exactly what it is - but I believe it to be a Navy Museum - you take a look?

The small building is surrounded a the front and the back by the aft and stern of a boat. Inside the small building seems to be a place where old Naval artifacts are stored and also a place where blessings can be asked for.

Then around this is the Naval Equipment - there is a flag, rockets, mines and other artifacts appertaining to this being a Naval Museum.

Then there is a small 'Shrine' where they light firecrackers - sometimes.

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